Escape from Maryland (EFM)

At approximately 11:00 11:00 AM, Chuck Holton (of fame) will swing by my house in a mini-van to take some journalists and myself to

New York’s JFK Airport for our 11::00pm flight on on Royal Jordanian.

While part of me says, take the Metroliner into the City, buy camera gear at 47th Street Photo then take the A train to catch up with the rest of the gang, I figured there were too many variables where things could go wrong. Not that one can’t completely ruin a trip driving up I-95 on the New Jersey Turnpike, but at least we’ll all have each other to blame if something goes screwy.

That said, pray for us. In the meantime, don’t forget to add to your aggregators and bookmarks as we’ll be updating both the blog and the photo gallery with the day’s events and images.


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