Our Hotel in Amman

Our first two nights in Amman are being spent at the Crowne Plaza Hotel. It’s got all the comforts of home, like satellite TV, voicemail, mini-bar, indoor and outdoor swimming pool, sauna, jacuzzi, snack bar and tennis courts.
Well, okay, maybe it has a bit more in the way of comforts than my home. But my home has a loving wife and five beautiful kids. Believe it or not, that beats satellite TV anyway.

Besides, everybody smokes here. 😛

It is a very cosmopolitan place, and just in the first few hours we were introduced to the Jordanian’s legendary hospitality.

Our supper was buffet style, with lots of fun new foods to try.
The falafel was to die for, the turkish coffee knocked our socks off (no sleeping anytime soon!) and the desserts would make you fatter just looking at them!

We went out and took a short walk around the hotel, and saw some fun things.

If this is my last entry on this blog, you’ll know it’s because I accidentally turned on the television in my hotel room. Please call them and have security come rescue me.

Anyway, maybe I’ll be able to score some frequent flier miles here since I signed up for their Priority Club Rewards card last year when I stayed at a Crowne Plaza in Dallas.

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