Blogging from Internet Heck

Tonight we are staying at a resort and spa near the town of Madaba. Our hotel is called the Mercure Ma’in Spa Hotel. It is considered a three-star hotel, but it’s still wonderful because of the location – set at the bottom of a steep canyon, directly across from two hot springs waterfalls.

We spent the day in and around Madaba, going to Mount Nebo and the church where they discovered a quite complete map of the holy land inlaid into the floor that dates back more than 1500 years. We had a wonderful lunch, and even got a bit of shopping in. In all, it was an easy day, which was good, since I got almost no sleep last night.

Before supper tonight we walked down to the base of the falls and enjoyed a VERY hot shower. I mean, this water is burn-your-bisquits hot. Friday in Jordan is like Saturday in the states, so there were lots of families with children there enjoying the waters as well. It was wierdest to see the women – still dressed head-to-toe in burquas and head scarves, frolicking in the water. One girl dressed thus fell down while crossing the stream, which is running quite well, and almost had to be rescued. I imagine all that material gets quite heavy when wet.

Later, we jumped into the hotel’s swimming pool and revived our senses. Jordan seems to be a land of extreme temperatures – especially where water is concerned. The pool was freezing!

Later we tried out the jaccuzzi, and then changed and went down to supper. There was a live band playing arabic music WAY too loud, but other than that it was an enjoyable meal. I especially enjoyed the dessert – some kind of cinnamon bread pudding with coconut. Excellent, and I usually hate coconut.

Now, like Israel wrestling with God all night long (we saw the place where that happened), I’m wrestling with the 1997-era computer with dial-up modem, trying to get it to bless me. Let’s hope I win.

The hotel picture is not mine – we can’t get our pics downloaded tonight. But I found this one on the computer I’m using, so it should give you an idea.

Goodnight, and hopefully we’ll find a great internet cafe somewhere near Petra tomorrow. Pray for FAT PIPES!

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