Lot’s Getaway Cave

Heading north via the scenic Wadi Feifeh Road, we paid a visit to Lot’s Cave where after fleeing Sodom, Lot and his two daughters are said to have lived (Genesis 19:30). It is also here that Genesis 19:31-38 says Lot’s daughters gave gave birth to sons whose descendants would become the Ammonites and Moabites.

It was an interesting drive, one which used to be lined with a fence constructed by Israel until The Jordan-Israeli Peace Treaty of 1994. Now, though army sentries from both sides occasionally spot the highway, most of the scenery is of little green pastures kept by Bedouins.

A bit further north, we stopped at the alleged site where Lot’s wife was turned to a pillar of salt. From what I understand, the Israeli’s have their own version on their side of the Dead Sea.

From there, we once again headed north to the lowest point on the surface of the Earth along the Dead Sea. Some 400 meters, or 1 mile below sea level, the Dead Sea offers a rich historical and spiritual legacy. At least that’s what I’m told. Today was spent enjoying the splendid spa facilities here at the Marriot Hotel at the Dead Sea.

While some of the women enjoyed mud-wraps and massages, most the rest of us floated about the Dead Sea, hit the heated pools, relaxed in the steam rooms and dried out in the saunas. A big break from all the climbing and walking and lugging of luggage we’ve both enjoyed and endured this past week and a half.

came for the ice cream, stayed for the belly-dancingOh yeah, did I mention the belly-dancing? One of the unexpected hazards of our evening trip to the Movenpick next door for some of their World famous ice cream. A danger Tom Neven, former U.S. Marine and current Sr. Editor for Plugged-In is willing to make after having lived in Switzerland for a year and a half (where he dined on MovenPick’s delicious ice cream delights ALLL the timmmee).

More pictures of that and our day at the Dead Sea sometime tomorrow. The bandwidth is very good here at the Jordan Valley Marriott Resort & Spa, in fact everything here is top-rate, except for the rates they charge for international phone calls to the U.S. So if you’re reading this wifey-pooh, call me … I just emailed you my room number.

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