About Dean Peters

Dean hangs with his 'peeps' in Wadi RumDean Peters is a programmer, sometimes freelance writer, gifted website healer, and ├╝ber-blogger who has forgotten more about computers than most of us will ever know.

His HealYourChurchWebsite and blogs4God websites have won accolades; his articles in Christian Computing, On Mission and other magazines have almost instantly improved readershp; and he even worked with the world-famous Vincent Flanders on “Son of Web Pages That Suck” sequel.

Dean and Chuck have collaborated in the past on their church website, Chuck’s website for small farmers and others.

Dean’s been single-handedly fixing every computer in sight here in Jordan, which is a sizable task. I think the machines fear him. He shows up and things start behaving. I’m sure glad he came along on this trip!

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