Dean goes back to Jordan – details forthcoming

Guess what boys and girls? I’m going back to Jordan this coming November 2 through 11. More details and postings very shortly, but here’s some things we’ll be doing differently this time:

  • I’m 100lbs lighter
  • will have a laptop
  • the laptop will have a wireless ‘air card’
  • podcasting
  • little bit-o-YouTube
  • massive blogging
  • get in touch with Jordanian bloggers
  • Picassa and/or Flicker photo album
  • multiple daily postings
  • bug local newspapers to write about
  • annotated. interactive Google maps
  • a wiki w/alotta stuff in it (wanna help ahead-a-time?-)
  • post not just about the places, but also faces, flavors, personalities & culture as well
  • oh yeah, one more thing, bringing with me an entirely new attitude and outlook on life.

Stay tuned. This is going to be fun!

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