A day about the Decapolis – and when things go wrong

Imagine walking where Jesus walked. That’s where I was today when I looked over into the Golan Heights and onto mount Tabor from Umm Qais ( أم قيس) located on the site of the ruined Greco-Roman city of Gadara (sometimes, incorrectly Gedara), a semi-autonomous city of the Roman Decapolis.

Noted for being the location of the miracle of the Gadarene swine (Matthew 8:28-32), Gadara overlooks the juncture points for of Syria, Israel and Jordan. The town also went by the names of Antiochia or Antiochia Semiramis and Seleucia.

Before enjoying this vista, we went to the spot where Jacob wrestled with the angel as described in Genesis 32:24-32: the River Jabbok.

I got it all mapped out as points 1,2 & 9 for you below:

[gmap map:3]

Also on the map (points 3,5,6 & 8) you’ll note Jerash (محافظة جرش) a site is known for the ruins of the Greco-Roman city of Gerasa (sometimes Garasa) – with some historical references to it as Antioch on the Golden River.

In the 21st century, the majestic location is sometimes misleadingly referred to as the “Pompeii of the Middle East or Asia“, referring to its size, extent of excavation and level of preservation – EVEN THOUGH Jerash was never buried by a volcano.

Jerash, a city of the Decapolis, is considered one of the most important and best preserved Roman cities in the Near East – as in enough columns and stonework to fill a 2gb memory card.

Of particular note are the Temple of Artimous and the Ampitheatre – I have excellent evening photos of the former – and some YoutTUbe of me proving the acoustics in song I’ll post later tonight.

Why not now? Glad you asked.

I believe it was John Steinbeck who wrote: “The best-laid plans of mice and men often go awry.” And suffering both a keyboard failure on the laptop and reduced to dial-up at 236kbps – More than likely I’ll just shell out the almost $20 U.S. to use the Hyatt’s bandwidth – but I have a commitment to those who’ve aggregated and linked this site to give them the best I can.

Good thing I brought a backup keyboard!

That said, interesting message I’m taking away from this trip as there have been several “gremlin” attacks – including the A/C going out on the bus during the hottest stretch of the day and trip.

I think God’s trying to tell me to enjoy what blessing I have and quite whining so much. Sometimes personal growth smarts – but more on how my trips to Jordan continue to transform me in a latter post.

Remember, Dean Sings on YouTube later tonight (or tomorrow 🙂

p.s. – also tomorrow the King Abdulla 1 Mosque, the Citadel, and the Temple of Hercules!

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