Wadi Rum: vast and echoing and god-like, magically haunted

Described as ‘Vast and echoing and god-like‘  by T.E. Lawrence in his famed 7 Pillars of Wisdom, rarely does a visitor leave unawed and uninspired by this moonscape. In fact the only regret of this writer is that he did not have enough time to spend the night in this “magically haunted [2]” moonscape – vowing to come back one day with his family to take a 2 day camel caravan camp out

Even the aged aphorism of a picture being worth 1,000 words cannot do justice to the 10’s of thousand emotions one feels while drinking in the millions of colors, shapes and textures this arid ocean of beauty has to offer.

None-the-less, some images from Wadi Rum – with more posted in our gallery.

Dean standing in front of the 7 Pillars of Wisdom, from the terrace at the newly built Visitor’s center
Dean with two of the drivers of our jeep tour – each of the latter holding up the famed carabiner.
Vast – (/vɑːst/) from Latin vastus ‘void, immense’ [3].
Echoing – present participle of the verb to echo (ˈekəʊ) Greek for ‘reflected sound’ [4]
god-like – having the characteristics of a god [5]
Note the huge square cut in this cliff, demonstrating the impact of the vast differences between hot and cold that range between day and night.
Some of the natural formations take on structures of animals, objects and faces.
In other stones are carved faces of famous visitors – this relief being that of T.E.Lawrence.
Ancient graffiti also dots this landscape – I suspect this one describing their camel caravan.
Camels – the Cadillacs of the desert, a primary source of transportation and beloved pet of many Bedouins.
Sa’hah – as the author enjoys some mint tea in a bedouin rest-stop along with other members of the tour.
I could get used to this cuisine. Heck, what do I mean “could” – I already pay good money for it in the States!
The hubbley bubbley – a common centerpiece of communal relaxation and conversation.

Of note, the author did see this land during a full moon back in 2004 – along with every star in the universe – which is why he is determined to go back when the timing is right!

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