The Monastery at Petra – Dean’s day at Al Dayr – a.k.a. El Deir

The Monastery at Petra
What do you get after a 1 hour, 850+ stair climb up a mountain? If you’re at Petra, you get a breathtaking picture (and YouTube Video) of a 154×158 foot structure carved entirely out of the mountain side known as the Monastery.

Also known as Al-Dayr or El-Deir, and located at 30°20’14.14″N 35°25’48.99″E, this largest of façades at Petra was considered an extremely important site of pilgrimage built in the mid-1st century by the cult of Obodas I – converted into a Byzantine temple some 400 years later.

Below is a composite video of clips shot while climbing the winding 754.6f (230m) path, and while at the Monastery at Petra.

For more information, links, etc. on Al Dayr (or El Deir) , don’t forget to visit our Wiki page on this and many other exciting topics!

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