A Cultural Guide to Jabal Luweibdeh

Enjoy Luweibdeh! Jabal Luweibdeh (sometimes Jabal Alweibdeh) is the traveler’s dream hideout, a place where culture, art exhibits and food is at your fingertips to enjoy for pleasure or away from a conference, exhibition or high-profile meet frequently held in one of Amman’s palatial hotels and conference halls.

Today, ‘Meetings, Incentive, Conferences and Events‘ (MICE) form a very important slice of the travel trade to Jordan, and usually travelers to such meetings look for places to relax and enjoy, and drain the tension.

Saleem Ayoub Quna’s Cultural Guide to Jabal LuweibdehSaleem Ayoub Quna’s latest Cultural Guide to Jabal Luweibdeh provides this fun side to MICE-driven business tourism.

Quna’s guide offers a fascinating merry-go-round of the traditional, valued, modern and artistic hip-hopping artifacts so essential for today’s modern tourist, international executive and business guru visiting Jordan, especially Amman .

The Cultural Guide to Jabal Luweibdeh gives travelers important avenues to explore and digest, starting with the downtown end of the Jabal where they can enjoy the artworks and exhibitions at Darat Al Funun, and making their way upwards to the Luweibdeh Park that splits Jordan’s National Gallery of Fine Arts.

With the guidebook in one hand, the traveler can walk the Jabal on foot, seeing the landmark places on paper, and identifying with the residents, shop-keepers, professionals and diners who frequently have a mention in the book either by name, picture or address.

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Apart from the business travelers or those attending an NGO meet, Luweibdeh, as pointed out by the guidebook is an excellent place for incentive travelers, who today want to explore unique and innovative places, different than they have seen before.

International tourists including managers, staff, workers of international companies are coming to Jordan to unwind, and see different interesting places. And in the cultural guide, they may have a bargain because of the distinctive urban living of the al Jabal combined with cultural touches.

In Luweibdeh, there is the quaint architecture, the facades resembling the 1920s, 1930s ands 1940s and the spacious outmoded villas that unwind as you move in different streets of this neighborhood existing aside high tech IT companies, bookshops, internet cafes, and religious, inter-faith dialog, writers and artists associations.

The pleasant cafes, tucked away restaurants and diners are just a stone throw away from different art galleries, places of rest, quite clinics, one Italian hospital and different and rich antique shops that give business executives, corporate offices, CEO’s and incentive travelers a delight in exploring avenues for self-fulfillment.

The guide is aimed to inform. At the Square du Paris, onlookers can sit on benches and mellow through the book that is rich with articles by famous personalities, local and international, who frequented the Jabal Luweibdeh, at one time or another, in their life-time.

For those coming to Jordan and visiting Amman should have a copy of the guide which can be purchased through selected bookshops in Amman or directly by contacting the author directly.

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