Swimming in the Dead Sea – rocks and all

I have done many crazy things – but I would have to rate swimming in the dead sea as one of my highlights … I have seen on TV when I was a kid, people reading books as they float in the Dead Sea … but its crazy, you float so high in the water that one can easily sit there and read a book. – Scott Ragsdale, naseba CEO blog

Dean takes a dive in the dead sea that ‘rocks’What a great quote as reminded me of my own YouTube enhanced post entitled “Dean takes a dive in the dead sea that ‘rocks’” – where like the TV shows Scott Ragsdale describes – I take a ‘Nestea-like Plunge’ into the saline-saturated body of baby-oil-like brine known as the Dead Sea.

Only in my case with a 25 pound rock on my belly.

Even better, Mr. Ragsdale’s blog provides us with an easy-to-read and enjoy 1 post summary of all there is to see and do in Jordan as a tangent tour during a business trip to Dubai …

… as well as some interesting personal insights and experiences as an American traveling in the Middle East, including this one-of-a-kind, once-in-a-lifetime snippet:

When I came back to the hotel, I was standing in the elevator alone and just when the elevator doors are about to close … a rush of people came running up and opened the door just as they were closing -pushing a man along with them, and get in the elevator with me … suddenly I look up and see someone that I have recently, seen on TV very often, Al-Maliki, the Prime Minister of Iraq and 5 of his secret service people all who were obviously Americans … are now standing directly in front of me in the elevator.

That and along with some descriptions of wondrous sites like Petra and delicious dinners in Amman, Scott offers some intriguing political insights worth reading:

Before my plane left the next afternoon – I walked all around Amman again. I went into the empty back streets — as well as visited two crowded markets. Absolutely brilliant experience– but for me, what is most remarkable, after all the problems that America’s war on Iraq has caused this country and its people — not one single person was rude nor aggressive to me.

So if you got a moment or three, check out Ragsdale’s post entitled ‘Swimming in the Dead Sea’ as it is quite a bit more than just your typical touristy “lookie at me on a camel” post.

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