Images of Christian Steeples in a Mostly Muslim Amman

Images of Christian Steeples in a Mostly Muslim Amman“There are neighborhood mosques everywhere in Amman. That shouldn’t surprise anyone. Many of them are striking and quite beautiful. But there are also some cool churches. Here are some steeples with the Amman cityscape in the background. I found these towards the top of Jebel Ashrafiyeh within blocks of each other and also the Abu Darwish Mosque. I think these speak for themselves.” – Brian, Pilgrim Without a Shrine blog

I remember my 2004 trip to Amman, that after a tour of the King Abdullah I Mosque I spotted an Byzantine-fashioned cross adorning the building across the street.

Being raised Greek Orthodox I grabbed Chuck Holton and made a bee line across the street. It was indeed a Coptic Orthodox Church, its pews mostly filled with individuals of Egyptian descent – all engaged in worship during a presentation/practice of the divine liturgy.

Anyway, Brian’s post on Steeples in Amman reminded of that day – and of the diversity and respect this mostly Muslim country holds towards natural born Christians in Jordan.

I only wish I had more time to take more pictures. That said, it appears Brian McMorrow (not the same Brian as the blog post) has already done just that over on his photo gallery pages.

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