A morning tour of the Jordan Archaeological Museum, Citadel Hill, and the Amman Amphitheater

Journey of My Life: Day 1 - Amman, Jordan: 10 April 2008, ThursdayThis is not a trick question: what does a Christian, Malaysian mother and homeschooler living in Thailand do on her first day experiencing the journey that is Jordan? Why visit the Jordan Archaeological Museum, Citadel Hill, and the Amman Amphitheater of course … and then blog about it with fun photos and everything.

At least the picture, well several pictures we read on the blog Journey of my Life whose post ‘Day 1 – Amman, Jordan: 10 April 2008, Thursday‘ included a morning tour of the:

  1. Hill of the Citadel
  2. Temple of Hercules
  3. National Archaeological Museum of Jordan
  4. The Roman Amphitheater in Amman
  5. A tour of the city of Amman

All before heading out to Petra by way of the famous Karak castle via a King’s highway the authoress describes as:

After that we headed for lunch but first we have to pass the King’s Highway which was one of the most amazing scenery I have ever seen. It was just absolutely breathtaking and beautiful. Very similar to Grand Canyon in Las Vegas, USA.

It does sound like the new museum is yet to be opened as the writer describes her own archaeological find:

This small museum houses an excellent collection of antiquities ranging from prehistoric times to the 15th century. There is an exhibit of the Dead Sea Scrolls, a copy of the Mesha Stele and four rare Iron Age sarcophagi.

Still, not bad for the first day … and yet another great description of all there is to see and do just about any and everywhere in Jordan.

I definately will be checking back in on this blog to see how the rest of the story goes.

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