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Yeah I know what you’re thinking, my friend went to Jordan and all I got was a URL to his stinking Jordan tourism blog. All the more reason to go there yourself … but until then … here are 3 more persons blogging about the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, posting their experiences and sharing their photos so the rest of us can stew in our offices and live vicariously through their journeys:

Quit ‘Bugging’ me about Wadi Rum!

Tim Nunn gets an action shot of a bug scurrying about the desert floor of Wadi RumBlogging Brit Tim Nunn reports that while traveling through the Jordanian desert that is Wadi Rum, Mel was worried about this part of the trip and expected to see creepy crawly bugs, but instead they made it through the night without any bites!

I never thought about the bugs when I was in Wadi Rum, but Tim’s Flickr photo set of his Jordanian experience proves that they do indeed exist. And a fast moving one it looks like at that!

Perusing Petra faster than you can say Indiana Jones!

Wandering Bruces check out the sandstone canyons that comprise much of the entryway into PetraAs part of a Ken McFarland tour, the Wandering Bruces (gad I love that title) blog about their Jordan, with of course much writing and photos about ancient lost city of Petra. I think this quote from their blog best sums up the experience many of us have:

“What a fantastic place! The sandstone has been carved into beautiful shapes and colors by the various elements over time, and the Nabateans who lived here carved temples, graves, and homes into that sandstone. “

You can visually experience the rest of their Journey that is Jordan over on their Petra, etcera Picasa photo gallery (say that 5 times fast!-).

Toto, I don’t think we’re in Amsterdam anymore

Hielke en Marlieke blog about their 1st fun week in JordanLast but not certainly least of today’s international trio of Jordan tourist blogs, an entry from Hielke en Marlieke writing to us in annotated and fun photos about their 1st week in Jordan.

Y’know, the normal fare:

  • getting up early enough and getting into Petra before everyone else (the only way to get tourist-free photos of the Treasury);
  • remembering to bring a book along to read while floating about the Dead Sea; and
  • capturing an incriminating photo of one’s significant other enjoying a bit of “hubbly bubbly” before or after some beer (I’d think preferably before?-).

So what about you, got a Journey of Jordan you’ve recorded online? Send me a link-o-love and I’ll see what I can do about getting it reviewed.

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