A cornucopia of 9 Jordan tourist blogs – 22May08

Just about everyone visiting the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan these days blogs about it. My job is to bring to you the best and brightest of the “Journeys to Jordan” blogosphere. So grab a cup of coffee, lean back in that boring office chair and share with me in yet another exciting installment of “Experiencing the Journey” … starting with:

A picture of the Treasury at Petra during mid-day taken by Diana ScimoneDiana Scimone, a member of the group I toured Jordan with this past November  writes to link us up to her article about the “Other Holy Land” that is the Hashemite Kingdom in Charisma magazine and her photo album; while expressing a sentiment many of us hold:

My journey to Jordan was great and I look forward to a return visit; it’s time for more yummy mezzas and another death-defying, donkey-dodging climb in spectacular Petra. Hope you enjoy the article and the photos!

Thanks for sharing Diana – and yeah, I agree – I my dream is to go back and do even more video blogging of all the fantastic places and foods to see, hear, and yes … taste … but I digress, as Diana’s post reminds a certain Jordan blogger he has about 5,000 photos and 5 hours of video he needs to annotate and get up online (lazy slug!-).

Speaking of work, engaged in some scientific research the Jordan Soils Gang visits Madaba, writing about the effect the current drought in Jordan is having on the agrarian culture and economy that surrounds this city of ceramics.

For Kathy over at Beginnings: Mountains and Sea found that Ma’in Hot Springs were her favorite tourist spot — even if as she put it, “… the bathrooms sent Tamara and I running out screaming …

Speaking of screaming, Kelly learns the hard way a few more Small Change[s]: via More Travels… this time to the briny Dead Sea:

Kelly and Heath enjoy the pools at the Jordan Valley Marriot Resort & SpaWe failed to heed our friends’ warning and brought Will into the water, and he quickly erupted in tears as the salt stung what we think must have been a very, very minor case of diaper rash. A fresh water shower failed to relieve his pain and/or emotional distress, and he managed to calmed down only after consuming a few of his all-time favorite fruit snacks, of which I wisely packed about 20 little pouches for our week-long trip.

Heck, I’d cry too if I only had 20 pouches of my favorite snacks for a week long trip! Though it looks like all were happy once they got back to the incredible array of fresh water swimming pools and fountains at the the Jordan Valley Marriott Resort & Spa.

While recovering from surgery Dori’s recalls dictations she made during her 1995 journey to Jordan. Yes folks, Wadi Rum is that memorable a place.

Speaking of memorable recollections, Luk blesses us with 6 hand-drawn samples worth at least 6,000 words from his sketchblog: back from jordan …

One of many hand drawn sketches of Jordan from Luk\'s sketchblog

Taking a break from studying Arabic in Syria Isoblue visits the gem of حياتي في دمشق: Jordan taking a page out of my own book when touring Petra:

Only one objective for this first 2 days (29th and 30th of April 08) trip to Jordan: PETRA. This is a wonderful place but you have to get to the site at the opening time (6 a.m.) if you want to enjoy the real Petra, I mean without all the stupid tourists (the worst type I saw in my life: they did not have any respect for the beauty of the place, they don’t care about the country – I don’t understand when people walk half naked in the middle of a desert? Are we in a Mediterranean club? – and there are extremely noisy for a natural place like Petra).

The only downside to said approach is if the individual running the ticket booth is late. Fortunately when I visited Petra last November, the attendant arrived early – and let us in at about 5:45 AM.

Meanwhile, Maggie over at Kenya Dig It? describes some of the free entertainment and amusements that await a traveler when translations mishaps happen:

Translation mishaps are fabulous when traveling. For instance, Jessica and I rented a car for our trip through Jordan and when we thanked the car rental guy for his assistance he replied “You are mostly welcome”. Later on at one of our hostels a sign read “Not responsible for any lost”. This was right after swim at your own risk and no children under 15 allowed without parents.

Maggie also provides four fun video montages of such madness … well work the blog-hop.

Finally, over at Pathan Tiktiki’s blog … it looks like Jibonjatri is getting a little less dinner with his U.S. dollar bought Jordanian dinar writing:

I just discovered that Jordanian dinar is actually stronger than US dollar. 1 Jordanian dinar is approximately equal to $1.41 USD. I guess it is slightly arrogant of me to have expected the other way around. It really came to me as a shocker. Planning the trip to Jordan *might* be slightly more expensive than anticipated. But I guess it’s all worth it!

You got that right Pathan, after all, what is that aphorism I’m after? Oh yeah, ‘even a bad day vacationing in Jordan is still better than a good day at work!

How about you? Got an Jordanian journey experience you’ve blogged about? Let me know as I’m about to equip this blog with a cool tool that’ll letcha post your own content here with only the bare minimum of adult supervision.

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