24 Things Obama may have seen at the Hill of the Citadel, Amman, Jordan

Earlier this week, Barak Obama delivered a speech facing the ruins of the Umayyad Palace (Umayyad Qasr) and the National Archaeological Museum, adjacent to the Temple of Hercules and a 5th century Byzantine church – all located on the historic Hill of the Citadel in Amman Jordan.

Known as Jabal al-Qal’a as in the Arabic, or Rabbath-Ammon to afficianatos of antiquity, the Citadel Hill offers travelers to Amman an opportunity to take at least 9,000 of history … contrary to the abbreviated chronology cited by ABC New Senior National Correspondent Jake Tapper (i.e. the site dates back to the Neolithic period, not the Roman Empire).

Below are 24 photographs of 24 things historical Senator Obama may have quite literally overlooked while visiting Jordan’s Hill of the Citadel.

The Mosque and Cistern one sees when entering the grounds::
the Mosque and Cistern seen while entering the complex
Various views of the Temple of Hercules:
view of mosque from Citadel entry point Temple of Hercules entering Citadel complex Main Colonnades at Temple of Hercules Temple of Hercules stonework on display Another view of the stonework at Temple of Hercules w/journalist Chuck Holton Some scale perspective of the stonework at Temple of Hercules w/journalist Tom Nevens Temple of Hercules another view Temple of Hercules in the afternoon sun

Various vista of of Amman:
view of Amman from Temple of Hercules hazy view of amphitheater from Temple of Hercules, circa Antonius Pius (138-161 AD)
A 5th Century Byzantine Temple next to the Temple of Hercules:
Byzantine church next to Temple of Hercules
Jordan’s National Archaeological Museum located at the Citadel grounds:
Entry to Jordan's National Archaeological Museum located at the Citadel grounds, Amman What you see as you enter the National Archaeological Museum of Jordan Neolithic pottery circa 6500 BC early pottery and bronze artifacts Dead Sea Scroll coppers Portions of the Dead Sea Scrolls Hisban artifacts circa 6th century AD Mammaluk period iron mail circa 1174 to 1516AD lengthy Byzantine friezes Mammaluk period pottery circa 1174 to 1516AD marble head of Zeus, Circa Roman Empire/era

Lower Citadel Grounds (defensive walls) one sees while leaving:
view of Citadel wall along the lower grounds, leaving the complex

Here’s a link to the public Picassa gallery of the above photos – all taken during my 2004 trip there. I still need to sort through the 500 or so photos I took of the museum artifcats, and 30 mintues or so of video I shot of the same while there this past November.

On a personal note of commentary: after listening to his speech and reading the subsequent news stories, I find it somewhat symbolic that Obama missed an opportunity to speak to antiquity, while the press also displayed some confusion as to where Senator Barack stood.

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