Bikes and bedouins in Jordan

Signing-up for the inaugural Back Roads Bicycle tour of Jordan with the adventure company Explore, Times Online journalist Vincent Crump describes his 280-mile journey through Jordan.

Crump on his trusty steed

Crump on his trusty steed

A two-wheeled epic adventure from Amman to Aqaba through the Great Rift Valley that included:

  • dealing with 95 degree desert heat;
  • army checkpoints manned by “pimply teenagers” with big guns;
  • stunning sandless desert landscapes with shining pebbles and sunset silhouettes;
  • peddling through the lowest place on earth;
  • friendly farmers waving from their tidy tomato fields and olive groves;
  • camping out with the Bediouns in a tent; and
  • peddling to points like Petra and the Dead Sea.

There’s much more to read about in the original article, including links to the tour company and six other similar cycling adventures.

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