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Despite that the Middle East region prides itself of its spectacular combination of ancient civilizations, rich history, evolving culture and diverse nature, it has not grabbed, so far, a prominent share of the global tourism economy.

However, experts expect the current average annual increase in tourist arrivals to the region to continue, and to record the highest worldwide growth rates by 2020.

… The Middle East is the cradle of ancient civilizations and the birthplace of world’s monotheist religions. The region’s precious collections of archeological monuments and ruins, including wonders of ancient and modern times: Egypt’s pyramids, Iraq’s hanging gardens of Babylon (which today exists through a duplicate), lighthouse of Alexandria, and recently Jordan’s Petra.

Furthermore, the region has a long list of diverse nature to offer today – ranging from green mountains in Lebanon and pristine beaches of North African and Middle Eastern countries overlooking the Arabian Gulf and the Mediterranean Sea, to rare colourful rock formations, as in Wadi Rum and Petra in southern Jordan, and the charming colourful underwater coral reefs in the Red sea …

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