The Hidden Petroglyph Ledge, Wadi Rum, Jordan

dj.tigersprout of shares with us this gorgeous picture as one of many he’s taken of the moonscape of Wadi Rum …’s beautiful images from Wadi Rum

… describing the grandeur that inspired the likes of T.E. Lawrence, when DJ writes:

i happily leave you with another near monochromatic ochre desert shot i dug up the other night — it never made it into any of my previous slideshows for friends or work colleagues, and this is really the first time even i have set eyes on it, short of the minimal prepping i accomplished last night for the purposes of this evening’s posting.

If you’d like to enjoy more of this … as this 2 time visitor to Wadi Rum has … then visit DJ’s online photo album entitled “the Golden Lands of the Nabatene, Wadi Rum, Jordan

Perhaps then one can understand the sentiment “… if Petra is Jordan’s Gold, then Wadi Rum is it’s silver.

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