Military Orders: The Templars

We didn’t see awe inspiring Karak Castle my second time to Jordan – I was a bit disappointed as the weather was so much better than the rain the first time out, I would have liked to walked the grounds and looked out its still well kept towers on a clear day.

That said, the History, Wars, & Weapons blog has written a rather informative and fun-to-read post entitled

Military Orders: The Templars

In this post there is a brief mention of Kerak:

Their castles are still famous owing to the remarkable ruins which remain: Saf├Ęd, built in 1140; Karak of the desert (1143); and, most importantly of all, Castle Pilgrim, built in 1217 to command a strategic defile on the sea-coast.

Which is why I find post a useful introduction to some of the diverse history surrounding the castle, and those who resided in it …

… something worth studying up before visiting Al Karak.

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