blogJordan Variety Show Invades The Citadel

7iber Dot Com is reporting that on the heals of American Presidential candidate Barack Obama, another event took place at the Hill of the Citadel in Jabal Hussein in East Amman – known as the “Shashati Variety Show,” which 7iber describes as:

An eclectic and well-dressed group of Ammanis joined Wonho Chung for an evening of variety show-like material. The show, presented by Shashati.TV, was a mix of stand up comedy, video clips, and cartoons produced by Jordanian media companies. Shashati.TV is a new website to help Arab filmmakers get in touch with each other. They are asking for content, good or bad content; Shashati.TV seems like it is trying to be the deviantArt of Arab film. A noble quest in my opinion.

It goes like this: you join the community by posting videos, leaving comments, joining conversations and learning about film related news. In the mean time, you meet new people and hopefully collaborate with others in your projects. It is an interesting concept, and a well-organized team.

The benefit to someone like myself, living outside of Jordan, is that the posted videos on Shashati.TV offer a number acts in English for those of us whom who’d like to sneak a peak at modern Jordanian and Arabic arts and culture, though this writer believes that performances on such as the Bedouin-techno dances transcend all barriers of language and geography.

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