Voluntourism memories captured in hundreds of pictures

Alex Allain, a senior Religious Studies major at Millsaps College in Jackson, spent five weeks working in and touring the West Bank region in the Middle East, a trip funded by The David McNair Fund for Christian Missions at Millsaps College. This according to a recent article in the Nachez Democrat describing the voluntourism Allain’s adventures.

The first three weeks of the trip were spent in a Palestinian village of Taybeh where, Allain worked in a camp teaching children English and at a nursing home facility helping with garden upkeep.

For Allain, the trip gave him the chance to immerse himself in a culture steeped in history. He went to a Catholic wedding, a Greek Orthodox wedding and a Muslim wedding.

He also learned the punchline to the joke: “What do you call a person who can only speak one language? … An American.

After spending three weeks working in Taybeh, Allain, along with Awwab and Mitchell, spent the next two weeks touring.  He went to Jordan, swam in the Red Sea and covered himself in mud from the Dead Sea. He also visited Petra and stood in front of the treasury from “Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade” just like Harrison Ford.

“The trip was the present I gave myself,” Allain said. “The experience and the memories are enough for me.” Memories captured in hundreds of pictures.

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