New plans at Petra to regulate services & enhance visitor experience

Petra and tourism authorities are working on a new plan aimed at regulating the site’s services and ensuring visitors a quality experience at the ancient Nabataean city according to a Jordan Times story citing a statement from Suleiman Farajat, head of the Petra Archaeological Park (PAP).

With increased travel to the historic site up over the half million mark this year alone, and as a result of a survey jointly conducted by USAID/Jordan Tourism Development Project, PAP and the Ministry of Tourism, the plan was developed to help keep up with and sustain the growth in visitor traffic to the site.

This will include notice boards will be posted at different sites within Petra informing visitors of the services they are entitled to, while specific areas will be marked with guidelines for trails and the requirements to undertake them. For example, signs will indicate sections that could be physically challenging and require good fitness levels as well as equipment, he noted.

Tourists will also be informed which trails they are permitted to take on their own and those that require the presence of a tour guide.

As part of the changes, focus will also be placed on local bedouins working in the site, such as horse carriage owners and vendors, the PAP official said. For example there will be stricter regulations ranging from the welfare of animals to their attire and licensing for vendors.

Regulations will also be applied to film crews wishing to shoot in the rose-red city – to prevent harm from  heavy equipment and cars to the fragile environment; not to mention the disruptions to tourists.

In addition, a larger visitor center is slated for construction in the near future.

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One thought on “New plans at Petra to regulate services & enhance visitor experience

  1. jodyb68

    Good to hear. I visited Petra back in 2005 and it was a very enjoyable experience EXCEPT the Horse Mafia mentioned.
    The people were nice but they way they pushed those horses to exhaustion and injury pissed me off to say the least.
    I walked the Siq down and then took a horse back partially they way back up once a local encouraged me to do so. That poor horse almost collapsed and did hit his head against a rock and was bleeding. I immediately jumped out of the carriage and told the local man to bring the horse back to be treated! He said he would and did take the horse back to the stable…..who knows what happened to that poor animal and what goes on daily 🙁

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