Schlotzsky’s Sandwiches and Fudgie the Whale arrive in Amman, Jordan

Schlotzsky’s Inc. has opened a restaurant located in Amman, Jordan, minus “The Original® Sandwich” according to the original article in – ham not being an item for consumption in country whose population is 92% Sunni Muslim.

Operated by Arab East Restaurant Management and owned by Ahmed Tantash, the franchise’s offering of sandwiches constructed of a mix of turkey, chicken, beef, topped with various cheeses and black olives all toasted on a freshly made sourdough bun will provide those overdosing on hummus with a tasted the States. Though this writer has some doubts about sales of their Mediterranean Tuna.

Speculation aside, I personally prefer the local Cuisine offerings such yummies as: Markook, Tabbouleh, Falafel, Za’atar,  and of course Kadayif.

Still, I don’t think I’d ever balk at the opportunity enjoy a soft ice cream cone on a hot Amman day, which will be available as the new Amman location is co-branding with another Focus Brands franchise Carvel

… seriously folks, what’s not to love about Fudgie the Whale?!

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