Despite the obstacles, our visit to Petra was worthwhile

“Coming from touring Israel, I was hesitant about going to Petra, Jordan, but I decided to try …” writes Linda Lewis in a special entitled ‘Being There Jordan’ for the Orlando Sentinel.

Tourism between Jordan and Israel is increasing, but getting to Petra was scary. We were deposited at the Israeli border and instructed to take ourselves across a 100-yard stretch of “no-man’s land” to the Jordanian side, where we were to be met by a Jordanian guide.

“Welcome to Jordan,” said the sign, but there was no one to welcome us.

She goes on to write that after 2 hours in 90°F degree heat (32 °C) that buses finally arrived. And though they were made an offer by Petra’s horse mafia, they managed to refuse, walking the rocky 0.825 mile (1.3 km) trek through the Siq, where …

Finally, our efforts were rewarded. Through a steep crevice, we glimpsed the rose-red glow of Petra’s most famous building, the Treasury, with its 140-foot-high carved columned facade.

Also described are the many tombs have been carved into the mountainside … and other amazing sights made it well worth Ms. Lewis’ “sometimes harrowing journey from Israel.

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