On Charity and Ramadan in Jordan

It seems to me that Ramadan is a time when many Muslims in Jordan become especially devout and adhere more closely to certain Islamic doctrines, almost in the same way some protestant Christians become more devout during Christmas, Lent, and Easter.

So writes the author of a blog entitled “My gap year and King’s Academy” – who goes onto cite two examples of Jordanian Muslims seeming to be more devout during Ramadan with observations on alcohol and alms giving – observing:

  1. While the Quran technically forbids any consumption of alcohol, I think; there are still plenty of Jordanian Muslims who drink during the year. Not during Ramadan, however: So many Jordanian Muslims use Ramadan to observe this rule of Islam that most stores and cafes won’t even serve alcohol during the evenings to non-Muslims.
  2. The other example of Jordanian Muslims becoming more devout during Ramadan is the act of giving alms. While one of the pillars of Islam requires Muslims to give alms to the poor, it doesn’t clearly specify when alms should be given or how much. Since Ramadan began, however, I’ve noticed donation boxes almost everywhere I’ve gone. The boxes are the King Hussein Cancer Foundation, and I’ve seen these boxes, usually half about 1/3 full with coins and bills, at the end of check out lines, at cash registers, and even around school.

I’m posting the above as I think it makes a nice follow-up to a post I wrote last week entitled: “Some tips to touring Jordan during Ramadan” as well as affords me a chance to cite these other articles of things one might observe if experiencing the journey that is Jordan during the holy month of Ramadan:

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