Michael Smith, Chef at Large, visits The Petra Kitchen tonight

Chef at Large, Michael Smith & Prince Mired Al Hussein of Jordan get cooking on the Food Channel tonight the help of the Petra Kitchen.

Food channel cook and author Michael Smith gets a taste of Jordan’s desert hospitality during this first episode of Chef at Large, Season VI, on the cable Food Channel. With the help of the Petra Kitchen – a cooking school/restaurant in Petra – Smith enjoys the creation and consumption of mansaf, a meal traditionally made for guests … one of whom will be Prince Mired Al Hussein of Jordan.

This according to an online article in which also informs us that:

Later, Smith and the prince travel by camel through the desert to Wadi Rum where a Bedouin tribe welcomes them with a meal of goat cooked in a barrel under the sand.

This is not the first time The Petra Kitchen has been featured on a cable network, as the Travel Channel also featured this fun respite last year as described in this online synopsis that includes both some video – and more importantly recipes – for how to make some of the yummy Arabic cuisine one learns to make there, hands on:

This month on TRAVEL 2007 we visit the PETRA KITCHEN, which gives visitors a great opportunity to learn more about Jordanian food. It’s a very hands on approach – you eat what you’ve prepared. Wendy Botham, the owner, was kind enough to pass on some of the most popular recipes to us …

Some of those recipes include (note, links open a new window):

Here are what some other blogs are saying about the Petra Kitchen:

When I went, I was incredibly tired and footsore from a day climbing all over Petra – so I didn’t get as “hands on” as other members in the group. That said, I wasn’t so fatigued that I didn’t enjoy the soup, mezza, salad, and Levant – nor the furnishings and the tableware which all crafted in Jordan and produced by the Iraq al Amir Women’s Cooperative (via the Queen Noor Al Hussein Foundation) and the aprons and table linens all hand-embroidered by the Jordan River Foundation (a Queen Rania Al-Abdullah initiative).

The regular price of JD 30/person includes the cuisine course, meal and all non-alcoholic beverages as well as take-home recipes for all dishes prepared that evening. For more information or to book your evening at The Petra Kitchen, contact:

  • The Petra Kitchen
    P O Box 40
    Petra, Jordan
    tel/fax +962-3-215-7900
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