Travel Safety Video: How to ride a Camel

Whether in Wadi Rum or in Petra, camel rides can be a fun part of one’s travel experience in Jordan – provided you don’t break your neck mounting the monstrous beast.

Below is a pleasant and short video from the WorldNomad’s blog aptly entitled ‘Travel Safety Tip – Riding a camel!‘:

Too bad the gang I traveled with back in ’07 didnt’ see this one first. I wasn’t with them at the time, but the account goes via Diana Scimone is that at the saddle broke on the lead of three … at Petra they tether together trains of camels lead by 10 to 15 year-old boys.

What makes the account even funnier is that the two ladies on the loosed camels were ‘automagically’ led back to the Treasury at Petra by said, unattended animals … whom then refused to let them down until the young owner could get back to them and extract payment on the agreed-upon price.

Good for them as I’ve heard some other accounts where even with the guide along the way, the price negotiated to get on isn’t the same as the price to get off – which is why you agree up-front for such rides on the getting on AND off price!-)

p.s. – thanks Diana for the hat-tip via my Twitter account.

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