China Products Fair brings 500 companies, 5000 products to Jordan

 It is described as a trade fair, a products fair, a commercial fair, certainly one of the biggest in the Middle East region. The upcoming China Products Fair on 29 November till 2 December at the Amman International Motor Fair is a big even on commercial and business calendar.

First begun in 2004, and now its 2010 7th edition points to its economic and business success. The secret behind the China Products Fair lies in its format. It’s a business-to-business (B2B) event where buyers, shop-owners, retailers and wholesalers from Jordan and the Middle East get to meet their Chinese counterparts, face-to-face and sign business deals.

While it is the organizers, Petra Events, a division of  Petra Travel and Tourism Company and the Meorient International Group, that must get the credit, the China Products Fair , has established its self as an economic and business propeller which the penchant for trade exchange.

In its 2007 edition, only 60 companies directly flown from China participated in the show to display their products, heavy goods and fine instruments. In that year, deals estimated at $30 million were signed.

It was upbeat and blustering and clearly, the point of economic take-off for the fair. By 2009, the fair surpassed all expectations generating $83.6 million in trade deals, foot-marking its presence as a regional and international event as visitors, businessmen and members of the public were registered at over 9000 from 33 countries.

The figures are expected to raise even further at this coming 2010 show with observers suggesting deals of over $100 million because of the 500 Chinese companies which are taking part which will surely mean a lot more business will be exchanged this year.

The show has always sought to offer variety, flexibility and dependability. There are 5000 items at this year’s show ranging from the building trade, machinery, automotive , energy and water, printing, packaging, food, household items, consumer electronics  to toys  and gifts, furniture, textile and leather and general commodities.

As in previous years, many business buyers—the figure topped the 3000 mark at the 2007 show—are expected to visit the fair not only from Jordan but  Palestine, Lebanon, Iraq, Syria, Egypt and Arab Gulf countries to interact with the Chinese companies at the fair.

This will surely have a great knock-on effect as well in terms of tourism for Jordan is branded as a touristic country with many places to see not just in Amman but all over the country including Jeresh, Madaba, Petra, Wadi Rum and Aqaba.

Part of the success of the fair may lie as well in the nature of the relationships that is being developed between the public and private sectors in both Jordan and China which is based on partnership.

The fair has the direct support of the Chinese and Jordanian government since the beginning, and this year the show is under the patronage of Jordanian Prime Minister Samir Al Rifai.

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