Glitzy Amman!

Amman is changing. Its smart business and shopping districts, emerging skyscrapers, flyovers, tunnels and its Abdoun Bridge, firmly places the Jordanian capital in the orbit of the fast world of globalization where international visitors can come and mull over a city that is developing at great speed!

Amman has all the ingredients of a thriving metropolis that intertwines the old with the new, the traditional with the modern; the Jordanian capital exuberates a sense of belonging, an indigenous culture as well as openness to the world characterized by its Paris Roundabout in Jabal Luweibdeh, emerging art museums like the National Gallery and Darat Al Funun with its high packed action shopping malls and top brand names.

With its Roman architecture and Islamic traditions, its distinct houses and villas, Amman is a stable commodity being redeveloped, conceptualized, re-conceptualized into a modern city of cultures, flavors, neighborhoods and sturdy architectures. There is an innate friendliness.

Lurking in its geographical womb there is a story to tell. Amman is a city of contrasted civilizations. Its Roman Amphitheater and museum, Citadel and the downtown nymphaeum stand adjacent to Islamic and Christian communities and traditions that existed side-by-side since millennia and as evidenced by its awe-inspiring mosques and churches.

It has historical landmarks, to the east there is the Abu Darwish Mosque over-towering the downtown, while to the west there is the emergence of the first parts of historical Amman like Jabal Amman, and very uniquely traditional Jabal Luweibdeh.

They are a hairbreadth away from Shmeisani, Al Sweifiya, Al Rabiya, Umm Uthina, Umm Sumaq and Abdoun, upscale shopping districts of latest fashions, and styles that can be viewed, tried-on and bought. Because of the paucity of Amman, these areas are very different in their characteristics, tastes and aura that make the visitor feel he is in a whirlwind of change and tradition. There is a pleasant cultural dimension of contrasts where the past meets the new, intellect, art, history and even design come together to make your shopping needs a pleasure rather than a trial.

It’s the new face of Amman, of yuppies, meeting places, coffee shops, diners, restaurants, places to relax, and plush hotels. Today the neighborhoods have become the places for boutique shopping, of malls and city centers, and of architecture of tastes, beliefs, ideas and thought systems, of souvenirs and handicrafts. In Amman top international restaurants with unique cuisines are adding changes to your palate and taste.

In unique shopping malls around the city, you can hear new languages, accents, cultures and colors whilst shopping for latest fashions for designer shops and labels. Indeed the tick word in these high class establishments is elegance whether in the fashion you choose, the top quality perfume you wear or the posh, “comfortable” and high stiletto heels.

This is the new Amman, a city of itineraries and trails, of watersheds, bridges and pointers providing mellow soothing transitions from one area to another, and from one piece of history to another to the regional visitor and the international onlooker.

Its alleyways and tight-corners as in its present rundown hotels are now cultural and artistic markings receiving kings and princess of the region of the 1920s, 1930s and 1940s. Today they merely stand in remembrance and in contrast to the plush Five-Star hotels tottering on the horizons of the city.

The quaint architecture has withstood the passing of time. It’s a trip down memory lane but certainly a look into the future.

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