Pleasure writings for cultural interaction

In I found a delightful website that gives you the opportunity to write, write and write; in fact to write till your heart’s content. The website has established itself as a community of writers from all over the world to put forward and exchange input in a pleasant interactive way where you frequently receive feedback and comments from the awesome hubbing community that has been built into the hundreds of thousands, from America, Europe, India, and different countries of the world.
As a recent Huber from Jordan, I have the ability to write articles from my base and residence in Amman about the issues that affect Jordan, the region and internationally.
These have so far spanned from politics, culture, books and lots and lots of stories with a travel angle. There is simply no end to original stories and writings once, you, me and them scratch our heads.
I have that quality writings on any topic, and from different backgrounds which help cut through cultural barriers and build bridges between different nations.
Jordan is famous for the diversity of the tourism it offers from the archaeological, historical, religious, cultural and natural and desert. There are unseen and unique places that once written for specified targeted audiences can do wonders for the tourism movement and interaction between different areas of the world. I for instance, have so far written on Sri Lanka, Amman, Jordan, Middle East, Germany and touches on the United States which will continue.
So I will say to myself happy hubbing!

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