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24 Things Obama may have seen at the Hill of the Citadel, Amman, Jordan

Earlier this week, Barak Obama delivered a speech facing the ruins of the Umayyad Palace, adjacent to the Temple of Hercules, both located on the historic Hill of the Citadel. Known as Jabal al-Qal’a as in the Arabic, or Rabbath-Ammon to afficianatos of antiquity, the site offers travelers to Amman an opportunity to take at least 9,000 of history … contrary to the chronology offered by ABC New Senior National Correspondent Jake Tapper. Here are 24 things Senator Obama may have seen while there:

Walking in the steps of Jesus along the banks of Bethany Beyond the Jordan

No Christian pilgrimage is complete without a tour of Jordan. And no tour of this ‘other holy land’ is complete without walking where Jesus walked to the place where John the Baptist helped initiate Christ’s ministry – Bethany Beyond the Jordan. A now muddy, oily creek that separates Israel from Jordan, while uniting the hearts of Believers for decades – as reflected in some of the following blog posts by the posts of pilgrims visiting its banks: