Walking in the steps of Jesus along the banks of Bethany Beyond the Jordan

No Christian pilgrimage is complete without a tour of Jordan. And no tour of this ‘other holy land’ is complete without walking where Jesus walked to the place where John the Baptist helped initiate Christ’s ministry – Bethany Beyond the Jordan. A now muddy, oily creek that separates Israel from Jordan, while uniting the hearts of Believers for decades – as reflected in some of the following blog posts by the posts of pilgrims visiting its banks:

Bethany beyond the Jordan – where John baptized Jesus

Now located on the border of Jordan and Israel, we lost quite a bit of daylight before being allowed down by the river because the soldiers whose job it was to escort us did not have a direct command from their lieutenant, even though the general in charge of the area had already given the green light. It sounds dicey, but actually it is how peace and harmony are insured.

Wadi Rum: vast and echoing and god-like, magically haunted

Described as ‘Vast and echoing and god-like’ by T.E. Lawrence in his famed 7 Pillars of Wisdom, rarely does a visitor leave unawed and uninspired by this moonscape. In fact the only regret of this writer is that he did not have enough time to spend the night in this “magically haunted [2]” moonscape – vowing to come back one day with his family to take a 2 day camel caravan to fully drink in its arid beauty.