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More Jordanian tourism from 3 more Jordan tourist blogs

Yeah I know what you’re thinking, my friend went to Jordan and all I got was a URL to his stinking Jordan tourism blog. All the more reason to go there yourself … but until then … here are 3 more persons blogging about the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, posting their experiences and sharing their photos so the rest of us can stew in our offices and live vicariously through their journeys:

Jordan’s Travel Mart strikes new development path to tourism

Jordan’s tourism sector is a $2.3 billion industry and makes around 14.5 percent of the country’s GDP, but is set to increase higher as more plush hotels and better infrastructure is put in place. It is with this in mind the Jordan Travel Mart (JTM) was held at the Dead Sea’s high-tech King Hussein Ben Talal Convention Center, 10-12 February, that has proved a unique venue of bringing Jordanian tourism professionals and travel operators from the USA, Canada, Mexico, Brazil and Argentina for the event – the Jordan Travelmart