Wild about Wadi Rum – flatulent camels and all

Wild about Wadi Rum – flatulent camels and all

The first day started off with a three hour camel ride in Lawrence’s old stomping grounds, Wadi Rum. Yes, camel riding is the iconic Middle Eastern experience (not to mention Lawrence’s preferred method of transportation) but believe you me, we could have lived without the angry, farting camels and all the leg and back pain associated with being perched atop them for three hours.

Wadi Rum: vast and echoing and god-like, magically haunted

Described as ‘Vast and echoing and god-like’ by T.E. Lawrence in his famed 7 Pillars of Wisdom, rarely does a visitor leave unawed and uninspired by this moonscape. In fact the only regret of this writer is that he did not have enough time to spend the night in this “magically haunted [2]” moonscape – vowing to come back one day with his family to take a 2 day camel caravan to fully drink in its arid beauty.