Mosaic blessed church in Madaba to receive $720,000 of Hellenic Aid

Known as “The City of Mosaics,” Madaba has in the past provided this former alter boy with a very special treat – the Greek Orthodox Church of St. George. Blessed with many wonderful icons, but greater historical value – a vivid sixth-century Byzantine mosaic map showing Jerusalem and other sites in the Holy Land. So it was with much joy that I read in yesterday’s Jordan Times that …

On bended knee atop Mt. Nebo

Today, the journalists visiting Jordan via the graciousness of the JBT were invited to visit an Islamic Mosque, surveyed Jordan from Rabbat Ammon and the Promised Land from Mount Nebo. We also saw ancient mosaics, including a 6th century map in a Greek Orthodox Church. We then soothed our aching joints in the hot springs of Ma’in Springs. While we weren’t able to post photos today, you’re still invited to check out our growing photo gallery of images from this amazing trip in an even more amazing land.